Executive Coaching

Similar to training, Leadership and Executive coaching is not a single deliverable program.  InnSense Leadership engages your organization’s leaders at a deeper level, and establishes measurable indicators to guide your senior team down a path of self-awareness and self-improvement.  Focusing on key areas such as leadership presence, conflict management, team building, goal setting, and executive vision, we leverage a 360° feedback methodology to increase each leader’s self-awareness and self-actualization.  Leadership development is exactly that: an ongoing process that connects allows the coach to help bring out the talents and true genius that every leader has within.

Executive coaching is a deeply personal and individual experience.  InnSense Leadership invokes Eastern teachings learned from nearly a decade of experience in Asia to bring a more spiritual and insightful approach to traditional coaching programs.  Through an understanding of core leadership principles, talents, and behaviours, we bring out the best in your management team, and allow them to refocus on the truly important steps along the path to leadership excellence.

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